contact bisos Bureau Inspector Sales and Operations Stewards BISOS is an independent and flexible team of senior experts with all the skills that are needed to guide new and existing businesses or product to the next level. This team will provide guidance to the management team and report back to investors. If needed we will provide hands and brains to get things done. No sales means no success, so investing in sales is inevitable. First sales and launching customers will generate more business and provide cash flow in a crucial time. The next step after a sale is the delivery of a promise, this promise needs the proper support, adequate legal and compliance and smooth logistics. In the early stage businesses are not equipped to deliver the promise when their product hits the market and is a success. Currently no existing accelerator program within The Netherlands, is providing this guidance. Sales drives a good idea to being a long term success. I think the word Sales should have started with a P, it is as important as price place product or people. The six p’s (proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance) to me reads sales. No sales means no success, so investing in sales is inevitable. Intelligent Investors have the solution, they have the funds to provide the best sales and operations skills. Let’s get this done!
bisos bureau inspector
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